Thursday, July 24, 2014

ICAD#024: "Laughter is..."

It's day 24 of my personal ICAD* challenge. Today's card was made for my new friend Louise Ladeedah. I met Lou through my Youtube channel. She is a very funny lady and quite the artist. Check her out on YT, her channel is thriftylou.

I use a list of 365 Words for my prompts. Lou chose #364 which was "DISTANCE". Pretty appropriate seeing as she lives in the UK!

Me in Rome, NY
Lou in the UK

  Index Card-A-Day

Here's the video of the making of ICAD #024:

I will be sending these little pieces of art out to my friends and followers who request one.   If you would one of my future ICADs sent your way, comment below and send your mailing address to me at (thedotnestmonster at gmail dot com).

See you tomorrow!

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