Saturday, June 8, 2013

Trying to remember that BLUE is one of my favorite colors!

I been feeling a bit blue lately, can't pinpoint exactly why. I been taking some time "off" to ponder things. LOTS has happened in my life over this past year. Not sure what has caused this, probably a combination of things, whatever it is I KNOW I have to shake this before it takes over!

So I have been thinking. First, I decided that I will make a change to my business. I was attempting to sell my jewelry at the local Farmer's Market but find although my designs are what I call "nature-inspired", they are probably too high end for this venue. SO after talking with my husband  we decided to rent some space at the gallery in North Carolina where I currently have some pieces on consignment. I will be setting up my space there very soon - more on that at a later date.

For the Farmer's Market, I am taking this month off to get my ideas together. During my days sitting there I had LOADS of time to watch people. Here's what I observed:

  • there are TWO other jewelry vendors (and their prices are quite low compared to mine -  BUT hey, ALL my pieces include artbeads made by myself or my artist friends!)
  • there were quite a few families with children visiting the market.
  • the children were my BEST visitors - very talkative, asked me lots of questions and wanted to try things on (made their parents cringe when they picked up my pieces but I told them no worries, it's fine!) 
  • I liked interacting with the children. I have worked with kids my whole life but in recent years I had gotten away from it.
  • My space is located near the entrance to the Visitor's Center (where the bathrooms and sitting benches are located LOL!) I actually have loads of traffic!

Since my older grandkids are visiting this summer I decided WHY NOT gear things towards the kids? 

First Saturdays at the market are geared to families - they have a petting zoo, live music and other special activities. I want to take full advantage of it!                              

I'm busy now researching, gathering new supplies (bright colored glazes!) and trying out some designs. I want to make some jewelry, kits and "try me" activities. I'm planning on getting my granddaughters* into the act too! Thinking they can make some magnets, pinchpots and such things. Maybe I can even get some teaching gigs out of the deal! 

* my grandson will be there too, he's the eye-candy for the teen girls being dragged along!  LOL.

We'll see how it pans out BUT in the meantime all this planning HAS picked up my spirits a bit! Fingers crossed!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

REVEAL: Sadafulee's Summer Anklet Blog Hop

My friend Kashmira Patel of Sadafulee challenged us to make our own summer anklet. Since I now live near the beach I do wear a lot of sandals, and I wear anklets too!

I decided to make a floral design using a cute little flower lampwork bead along with some sweet little iridescent leaves,  all strung on a wire filled with violet seed beads.


I can't wait to rock to see what everyone else came up with... MAYBE I can find a few to add to my collection!

Special thanks to Kashmira for being our hostess! 

Kashmira Patel
Kaushambi Shah
Will post on Kashmira's blog
Jean Wells
Mischelle Fanucchi
Shellie Grindie
Ginger Bishop
Monique U
Cynthia Machata
Kay Thomerson
Mimi Gardner
Anindita Basu
Rita (Toltec Jewels)
Gina Hockett
Tammie Everly
Lynda Carson
Dyanne Cantrell
Ema Kilroy
Emma Todd
K Morgan
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson
Cheri Reed
Rochelle Brisson
Michelle Buettner
Sandra McGriff
Stephanie Weiss
Shelley Graham Turner
Roxanne Mendoza

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