Thursday, December 18, 2014

Coming in January: CREATE. SHARE. INSPIRE.

 I'm issuing a challenge to you - JOIN Me!



It's what we do - whether you call yourself an artist, crafter or artisan. 

Isn't that why we blog, post our videos to YouTube and chat on Facebook? We join online groups to find like-minded folks. In doing so we end up building our own little art community.

I belong to a couple groups (I use the term 'couple' but in fact it's quite a few!) I have found that many of my friends, like me, play in more than one creative field. We like working in many different mediums.  Some of my friends are on Facebook, others blog, and still others hangout on Youtube. I wanted to find a way to get all my friends together. That's when I came up with the idea of throwing a little on-line party - a challenge of sorts.

I am sending out this invitation to you -

Here's how it will work:

  •  Beginning on January 1st, and every Thursday in January, I will post a winter-themed prompt. (might be a photo, quote or just a color palette)
  • Based on that week's prompt, you will CREATE something in your choice of creative field or medium. You can even change up from week to week (this week mixed media, next week jewelry get the idea).
  •  The following Tuesday (and every Tuesday thereafter) you will SHARE your creation by linking up on my blog (more on that later). You can link up to your photo, blog post or video. Whichever - it's totally your choice.
  • Stop by my blog, click on the other links and meet new friends. I have no doubt your work will INSPIRE others and who knows, you might even be inspired to try your hand at something new! (Oh, AND you might gain another follower or subscriber too!)

Here is how you sign up:

1. Leave a comment below.
2. Request to join my new Facebook group,  CLICK HERE.
I created this group for you! A place to bring together all my creative friends and followers. Think of it as our own art cafe, a place where we can get to know one another, share our work, ask questions, or just shoot the breeze. So join in, introduce yourself and let us know about your creative journey.
If you are not on Facebook then email me with your name and the best place to connect with you.  I don't want you to miss future updates or instructions.

So, are you up for this wintery challenge? Come along, join me and let's start the New Year off right!


(ps: more news to tell but can't spill the beans just yet. YOU will be the first to know. LOL)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mixing It Up for a Holiday Swap!

My ornaments - Photo by Jill Bradley

I belong to an online bead community called Bead Swap - USA. For the last couple years I have taken part in their annual "Christmas Ornament Swap". My partner this year was my good friend, Jill Bradley.

Jill sent me the most beautiful ornaments (and other goodies!) She had sent me a set of four ornaments so I was able to share with my three daughters. I love the idea of us having the very same ornament on each of our trees!

Goodies: Holiday towels and Tupperware

 Isn't it beauiful! 
I love the mix of the red crystal with the bright silver star!

Now it was my turn to create for Jill.

Over the past year I have moved away from my jewelry making to mixed media art. I needed to find a way to incorporate both of these into my ornaments. I went to my go-to for ideas - Pinterest!
I found a great ornament made by one of my favorite mixed media artists, Roberta Laliberte.

The design and the instructions are ALL Roberta's but I am presenting it by showing photos from my process. With that said - 

Here is the first ornament - 

First thing I did was make some of my pretty painted paper. I started with acrylic paint in a pretty palette of purples, yellow, blues, orange and lime green.

Next step is to cut out an outline of the bird from cardboard (2 per bird). Using masking tape I taped the cut-outs back to back.

Next, I stuffed the bird with crumbled paper. More masking tape, making sure to seal around the whole perimeter, closing up every opening.

I put together a small

string of beads (on wire). Added a loop on each end of the wire and then fed it through the body of the bird. I taped around the openings made by the wire. 

Next step was to coat the bird with some black gesso.

Now to dress the bird. I had cut out the painted papers and then I decoupaged them to the bird shape. Added a few more details using rubber and foam stamps, and some of my penwork.

Glued on some seam binding and a little metal doo-dad and done!

I also made up a couple extra ornaments. In my stash I had a few store-bought paper mache pieces from Michael's.


 I decoupaged on some torn pieces of my leftover deli paper. Stamped some more deli paper with the words "Merry" and "Joy" to give them festive messages.

I hope Jill loves them as much as I do hers! 

Happy Holidays everyone.

xxoOh! Shelley
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