Monday, August 29, 2016

An Abstract Challenge with Lindy Stamps!

Yesterday I started a painting. As usually happens, I began with an idea and ended up with something totally different.

I tend to paint in fifteen minute sessions with breaks in between. During one of my breaks I went online to check my e-mail. I saw an e-mail regarding the August Challenge over at Lindy's Stamps. Normally I don't do these but when I saw their graphic, I was HOOKED - here, look for yourself.

Yeah, COLOR!
You know me - I LOVVVVE me some color!

As I said I had already begun painting but I didn't like the colors I was using - too dark for my taste. So, I went into my supplies and took out my Lindy sprays. I just happen to have some of those colors!  What a yummy palette to work with. It just took a bit of gesso and I was able to switch over to these colors.

I had already added my signature circles so while the gesso was wet I worked in a bit of  Jazzy Jivin Purple to each one. While they were drying I mixed Lucious Lime (one of my very favorites!)  with white acrylic paint and filled in a large rectangular shape.

After it was completely dry I laid my canvas down on my table and sprayed it with Delphinium Turquoise  - letting the spray pool up. This spray is from  Lindy's Starburst spray line,  they are two-toned colors with shimmer added. I love the way it looked against the matte background of the light lime.

After staring at the painting for a bit I thought it still needed something. Texture. It needed texture!  So I tore up some deli paper which I had tinted with a light spray of Tears on My Pillow Tangerine. Once that dried I put on a base color of white acrylic paint mixed with Hottie Patottie Hot Pink. I followed it up with a mix of the same color spray mixed with a hot pink acrylic paint. I worked this blend into the nooks and crannies, gave it a minute and then wiped it back with a wet baby wipe. When it dried I added a coat of gloss medium to the hot pink background. 
After adding just a few marks with neon paint markers, lastly I used white acrylic paint to make large brush strokes across the whole canvas. I DO like my ABSTRACTs!

Here's the finished painting and a few close-ups too.

"Temper Tantrum"
20 x 20 Mixed Media on Canvas

It took some time, and many changes, but I love this painting!

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