Monday, April 30, 2012

She says "Its like a bead cult?!"

I was sharing with my daughter all the fun I have been having on the facebook group pages! Told her how I am meeting all kinds of people and chatting all night long. I expressed to her  how hard it is for me to sign off at night and go to bed! She asked suspiciously,  "who are all these people you are talking to?". "They are my new friends who are also into beads and polymer", I said.  I went on to share more on recent conversations and comments I had received to postings..finally she seems to understand and the she says "Oh, its like a bead cult?!...

Yeah, I said, kinda! hahaha

So let me invite you to join the cults...

BEAD SOUP CAFE!/groups/BeadSoupCafe/
CREATIVE BEAD CHAT!/groups/323057074410586/
POLYMER CLAY COLLECTIVE!/groups/361965820521794/

Can't believe how much I look forward to reading what everyone is up to everyday. These women aren't afraid to share their tips and advice. They can be counted on to encourage and console. So glad I found them all!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Art Bead Love Tour!

Check this out! What a great idea. This is a travelling chain of beads. When you are selected a winner you get to remove beads to keep yourself then add replacement beads to pass on to the next winner...

Here is a picture of how it looks today.
Art Bead Love Tour

Want more details? Visit ExPost Facto Jewelry Blog by clicking

I would love to take part in the tour myself - LOVE IT!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Earth Day is coming!

With nature and textures being my focus, I want to try to get some work done to upload to my new Etsy shop. Working on a few things - beads with coffee grinds, molds and texture plates, acorn jewelry, etc.

Started with what I call my "Mocha Bead" which is made with transluscent clay.

First I tint the clay with alcohol ink (latte, of course). I then work in my leftover coffee grinds which I  have roasted in the oven. They give the beads a beautiful look and its a form of upcycling, no?!

Roll, slice and texturize with my wire spiral.

 After curing I give  them more dimension with some liquid clay and chalk,

Ready for final bake.


Don't feel like making your own beads...they are available in my etsy shop:


And then I gave them life with a necklace I call "Mocha Leaf", you like?
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