Friday, August 10, 2012

BFF Beading Friend Friday: DIANA PTASZYNSKI

Today I am featuring Diana Ptaszynski. She is a new online friend and I love her work as well as her personality. Come and meet her for yourself -

*  Diana is from “Jerzey”
*  She is married.
*  No Kids…yet.
*  Her pets - 1 serious kitty, 1 quizzical kitty and 1 silly kitty
 *  Her hobbies are metalsmithing, cycling, antiquing and self-deprecation “(laughter IS the best medicine)”  
FUNNY FACE - Her alter-ego!

BFF: What do you do with beads?

DIANA:  I play with mud (ie I make porcelain, stoneware and raku beads and pendants).  I also make jewelry, although lately it’s mostly for publication or myself.

BFF: How would you describe your role in the beading world?

DIANA: I make art beads for jewelry designers to create with.  Ok, let’s just admit it…most of us hoard our art beads. 

BFF: How long have you been working with beads?

DIANA: I started making beaded jewelry at the end of 2004 and I began creating my own art beads in the Fall of 2009.

BFF: What is your style? And what attracts you to this style?

DIANA:  I’m not certain I have a “style”. I like so many different things… my work is inspired by my love of antiques, nature and random objects. I work in a basement and sometimes I just find things on the floor.  Yup, even floor junk inspires me. 

BFF: What are your favorite metals to use?

DIANA: sterling silver, copper and brass

BFF: What is your favorite stringing medium to use?

DIANA: Sterling silver half-hard wire if I’m wire-wrapping and soft flex if I’m stringing.

BFF: What is your favorite color palette?

DIANA: Blue and Green.  If it reminds me of tropical waters then  I’m in love.

BFF: Your technique(s)?

DIANA: I’ve gotten so good at wire-wrapping I could probably do it with my eyes closed.  I also enjoy playing with fire, so… raku, torch-enameling and soldering.

BFF: What else would you like to try your hand at?

DIANA: Not lampworking.  I tried it a few times with my husband’s set-up (yes, he dabbles in glass) and all I ended up doing is making little glass boogers that fell off the mandrel.  I’ll stick with earth clay.

BFF: Other artist/designer(s) you admire? Any special reason why?

DIANA:  Diane Hawkey.  Her work is colorful, quirky and fun.  Joan Miller is also a favorite.  Her porcelain is stunningly detailed and can be mistaken for lampwork.  AMAZING!

BFF: Where do you want to be in 5 years from now?

DIANA: I have a few big things I’d like to accomplish between now and then but just like with Fight Club, the first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.  ;-)

BFF: What’s your favorite quote or saying?

DIANA: I don’t think my favorite sayings are appropriate for this forum…hehe.

BFF: Any advice you'd give to new artists who are just beginning in your medium?

DIANA:  Take classes, experiment and play!  Also, you can contact members of BOC (Beadsof Clay).  They are a super helpful group dedicated to earth clay beads.  I’m a member of their professional team (BOCPAT) and we do love helping with questions when we can!

BFF: What is your favorite blog that you like to follow?

DIANA:  Art Bead Scene.  A blog dedicated entirely to art beads…what’s not to like about that?  Also, ABS is partially to blame for me becoming an art bead artist. 

      BFF: What has been your favorite Blog Hop or Challenge?

DIANA:  Bead Soup  (and anything I’ve run on my own blog. I’ve made so many friends thanks to blog hops.

Quirky questions often give us a better understanding of the real person behind the artist, so here goes…

BFF: If you had all the money in the world, what would you buy?

DIANA: A condo on the beach on some awesome tropical island and a funky bead shop/studio filled with art beads and gemstones.  (Editor's Note: Well I have a beach and a funky bead shop down the block, so come visit me in the meantime!!)

BFF: As a child what was your favorite cartoon or tv show? why?

DIANA: X-Men.  I’ve always wanted super powers besides the ability to chew people’s ears off.    (Editor's Note: Okay, that's quirky!)

BFF: Favorite toy as a child? why?

DIANA: My raggy bunny.  It’s a stuffed bunny I’ve had since I was real little.  I still have her even though she’s quite threadbare.

BFF: Favorite subject in school? why? 

DIANA: Not math.  We never got along.  History is where it’s at! 

Last words from Diana -

"When the zombie invasion hits, I'm stealing all your art beads".

Well Diana doesn't seem to want to toot her own horn BUT she is a very talented artist. She has been published in many different magazines including Bead Trends , Bead Design and Bead Unique

Next week is Bead Fest in Philadelphia and Diana will be there as a vendor - Suburban Girl Studio in booth #564. If you are planning to attend be sure to stop by and check out her work!  (I am finally getting to meet her in person - excited!!)

Suburban Girl Studio LLC

Website: (bead shop)


Tammie said...

Nice to 'meet' you Diana, good luck at Bead Fest.
Shelley you are one lucky girl going to Bead Fest, I hope you will write about all your 'brushes with greatness' as you meet in person the folks we know on CBC & BSBH.

Stepha said...

What a wonderful interview! I learned allot about the girl behind the wonderful art beads. Have fun at Bead Fest!

YaY! Jewelry said...

Lovely!!!!!!! I haven't shopped with Suburban Girl yet but will!!!!!!

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Great Interview Diana! Knock em Dead at BeadFest Jerzey!

Linda said...

Loved this interview Diana! You're gonna shine at BeadFest!

AntiquityTravelers said...

I so wish I were going to Bead Fest and seeing all the wonderful bead artists I've come to know through blogging. Diana - hope it's a hugely successful time for you! love your work, and fun article on you :)

Diana P. said...

Thanks everyone!

Rebecca said...

Great interview! I haven't bought anything from Diana as yet but I definitely see it in my future....

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