Friday, August 31, 2012

BFF Beading Friend Friday: AMY TAYLOR FREELAND

This week’s featured artist is Amy Taylor Freeland of Copper Diem and GreenBead Designs.


Real Name? Amy Freeland
Location? Southern California
Marital Status or Relationship? Married
Children? Nope
Pets? Two well behaved houseplants
Other hobbies or interests? Reading, photography, travel, food

BFF: What do you do with beads? (weaving, stringing, lampworking, polymer, etc)

AMY:  Hoarding and stringing


BFF: How would you describe your role in the beading world?

AMY:  Tireless purchaser of beads large and small, exuberant blogger and bead stringer


BFF: How long have you been working with beads?

AMY:  Six years


BFF: What is your style? And what attracts you to this style?

AMY:   I love color and symmetry. I’ve tried to do asymmetrical designs, but my beady OCD just wants those beads to line up all symmetrical. So I’m going with that for now J


BFF: What are your favorite metals to use?

AMY:  Copper, copper and more copper.



BFF: What is your favorite stringing medium to use?

AMY:  Beading wire, sometimes waxed linen. I love leather cording but I bought cording that is too fat for most bead holes, so I gotta work on that (i.e. buy thinner cording or buy beads with bigger holes, basically I need to bead shop more)


BFF: What is your favorite color palette?

AMY:  I would say orange and blue. My bead stash would say blue and green, because those are the drawers that are overflowing. 

 BFF: Your technique(s)?
           AMY:  ?


BFF: What else would you like to try your hand at?

AMY:  Nothing. Not a thing. I’ve already tried polymer clay, torch and kiln enameling, cold connection metal work, wire wrapping, felting, resin, etc, etc. My poor wallet and storage space cannot handle another new thing.

              BFF: Other artist/designer(s) you admire? Any special reason why?

AMY:   Lorelei -  I love her designs and her great personality. I love Kerry Bogert’s  use of color and her blog (it was one of the first bead blogs I started reading)


BFF: Where do you want to be in 5 years from now?

AMY:   Sitting in a bead room, surrounded by beads, makin’ stuff. 


BFF: What’s your favorite quote or saying?
AMY:  "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." Picasso.

BFF: Any advice you'd give to new artists who are just beginning in your medium?
AMY:   Don’t get intimidated by people with more sales, more followers, more beads, “better” designs. Just do your stuff, try to do it consistently, and be yourself and things will fall into place.


BFF: What is your favorite blog that you like to follow?
AMY:   That’s kinda like asking me which of my houseplants is my favorite – I’ll never tell!

       BFF: What has been your favorite Blog Hop or Challenge?

Inspired by "This Is Just To Say" ~ William Carlos Williams
AMY:  I really love Erin Prais-Hintz’s blog hops – she has such clever and creative hop prompts.



Quirky questions often give us a better understanding of the real person behind the artist, so here goes…

BFF: If you had all the money in the world, what would you buy?

AMY:  Oh, I hadn’t really thought about it. I guess a beach house in Oregon right on the coast, with tons of gardens and a two story bead studio overlooking the ocean. (Okay, I have thought about it. A lot)

BFF: As a child what was your favorite cartoon or tv show?
AMY:   The Frugal Gourmet, Facts of Life, Golden Girls…

BFF: Favorite subject in school? why? 
AMY:  English – love reading.



 Okay, now it's my turn... did ya'all know that besides being a outstanding artist and jewelry designer,  Ms. Amy is also a very caring and giving person? She has given close to $1500 in donations to wonderful organizations such as 7000 Bracelets, Ears to You, Garden of Innocence, local community organization and more?  What a love she is... thank you Amy for sharing yourself with me and the BFF readers.

READ my post on Amy's COCKTAIL HOUR Blog Hop which I took part in too!


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Copper Diem said...

What a nice profile! Thank you so much!!!

Kashmira Patel said...

Loved reading about you, Amy! And guess what, I was watching Golden Girls while reading this :) You rock, love ya (you already knew that, though)

Patti Van said...

This was hilarious - as I knew it would be! What a wonderful start to my Friday! Thanks for sharing!

Sherri Stokey said...

Love this interview:)

Tanya Ozanne said...

Go girl.Asymmetry is what you pretend when you mess up LOL.Seriously your work is delightful.Thanks for sharing.Love and hugs Tanya

Marlene Cupo said...

The nail has been hit on the head once again, Shelley. Great profile, and interesting read.

Therese's Treasures said...

A very nice interview I feel that I have gotten to know Amy a bit more. Thank you for sharing.

Sally Anderson said...

Amy has been my cyber friend for a while now. Then we moved to southern California and now we're friends in regular life (lucky me). She's so fun and so creative and I love spending time with her. You couldn't have picked a better BFF subject! Loved reading this!

Copper Diem said...

Thanks! man, i love those golden girls reruns too :)

Copper Diem said...

Thanks everybody!

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