Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WINNER: What's in a Name Blog Hop!

As you all know I had a BIRTHDAY party slash blog hop - "What's in a Name" Blog Hop back on July 17th. As promised instead of receiving gifts I was going to give a gift to one lucky randomly picked party guest.

In keeping with the theme the gift I chose for the winner was a gift certificate for a custom-made stamp that she can use in her business. 
The vendor of choice - Modernartstamps on Etsy. 

When I contacted the people at Modernartstamps they were generous enough to provide a SECOND stamp totally FREE to another winner!! W0W wasn't that nice? I so appreciate their generosity!

Modernartstamps was featured in InStyle magazine (November 2010). They have over 400 ORIGINAL designs. As they say - When you get a stamp from them, you get a piece of art! 

According to their Etsy "about" page -

"We are not just a "seller of stamps". We are professional graphic designers and you can be sure that all the stamps you purchase from us are UNIQUE. You will find here fresh, modern and creative designs all the time and because we do not copy but CREATE from our heart, you can expect a stamp (or stamps?) that you will totally love, always. We design, draw and love our work. See by yourself. ♥ ♥ "
Please be sure to go and check out ALL their wonderful products and services. With over 4500 sales, they MUST be doing something right!

AND now, without further adoo (beadee doo bead doo ...)

By use of the winners don't need to know the winners do you?  I mean unless it's you, in which case I will e-mail you. So just go about your day, and enjoy it...

Oh heck, let me just share for all you fellow curious people (curious is code for NOSEY in my world) -

   Lucky guest #1 is Dyanne Everett-Cantrell of Dee-Liteful Jewelry Creations 
                                                ~ AND ~
               Lucky guest # 2 is Marla Gibson of Spice Box Designs

Congrats to the winners and I want to again thank my party guests for coming.  I really enjoyed hearing all of your stories. I hope you will attend my next party and that we will ALL stay friends. Love you, my online friends!


Marla said...

Woo Hoo Thanks so much Shelley! How generous of you! I have been wanting to order a stamp for a while now. Thanks!

Kashmira said...

Congratulations Tammie and Marla!

Shelley, did you come by my blog to read my post? Not sure if you did, here's the link again:

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