Monday, June 8, 2015

#100 Day Project - Day 43

Taking part in the 100 Day Project with Elle Luna over at The Great Discontent.  We had to come up with our own hashtag to use to describe our 100 days of making - mine is #100daysofochre.

Here's a look at mBy Day 43:   Canvas (12x16)

Materials Used: Gesso, Fine Line applicator, Golden fluid acrylic paints, Chuji Fude brush pen, Stabilo pencil, acrylic glaze medium.

Used a technique by Jane Davies, as shown in her Youtube video, "Black and White Mark Making". Love her!!

Started with this scribble.

Closeups :

I wish I could capture the deep tones of this piece. Y0u will have to take my word for it - it's just dreamy!

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