Monday, June 29, 2015

Blooming Through

I call this piece "Blooming Through". See my world has been kind of gloomy over the last couple days. For one, it's been rainy; for another, my husband has been away. I missed him and I guess my art reflected this.

I have been playing in the warm colors lately, this time I started with a black background. 

I am a bit bummed about my photos of late. I can't seem to capture my pieces in their entirety. Maybe it's because I have been painting larger canvases. Not sure, I just know that they don't do justice to the actual piece. They don't reflect the true depth of color. All the layers and marks of the crayons and pencils. This is the best part!

Below I am showing you closeup shots, those which capture the color and texture.(Click on thumbnail to see enlargement)


MATERIALS USED: Canvas panel, gesso (black), acrylic paint, Neo-Color II Crayons, Faber-Castell Gelatos, acrylic glaze medium, Signo pen, China marker.


Lizzy Love said...

wow this is gorgeous!!!!! Love the close up shots, the details are the best part. Im sorry your alone and missing ur other half, hopefully u will be in each others arms again real soon! :)

Linda said...

Shelley this is a wonderful piece. Sorry to hear your are gloomy. It is terrible to say but I wish I was hope alone for a week just to play in my art room. I let my self get interrupted too often. Gloomy or not it is wonderful! Hugs, Linda

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