Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Do Over in Color

Have you ever had a piece you just did NOT like so you decided to try to redo it? Well what about redoing it four times?! Yeah, that's where I'm at this week. 

Started with this... 

I didn't like it so I scribbled all over it.

Added some more color. And marks. And drips.

THOUGHT I saw a pig, so I went with it. But I guess pigs just are not my thing.

So I started to add more color and BINGO! 

Materials used: Gesso, acrylics, Neo-color II crayons, Fineliner.

You can see all the layers in these closeups.


See the pig tail?! LOL

What IS it about layers of color, they just make everything better. I am jazzed* everytime I look at this!       pumped-upstimulatedstoked!

1 comment:

LoriF said...

That is amazing! I'm a colour lover as well....and the pig's tail is so cool!

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