Friday, July 13, 2012

BFF Beading Friend Friday: MELINDA ORR



Come on in, grab a seat - one of my favorite artist is in the house!

It's Melinda Orr, of Melinda Orr Designs - Perfectly Imperfect Metal Jewelry and Components!


·         Melinda Orr lives in Northern Central PA
·         She is happily married to her High School sweetheart!
·         They have 2 Daughters at PennState and Freshman Son
·         Melinda loves her cats….Cozmo and Wanda with babies
·         She is an avid tennis player, perennial and veggie gardener,  and enjoys gourmet cooking,  photography and pottery!

BFF: What do you do with beads?                                                                                        
     Melinda: I work primarily in metal (copper, bronze, brass and silver) ~ original shapes, textures and patina concepts…with accents in leather, Artisan beads, etc.

BFF: How would you describe your role?
     Melinda: I would have to say, I am a component and jewelry designer…I love to create original metal designs and design jewelry around them.

BFF: How long have you been working with beads?
      Melinda: 8 years

BFF: What is your style?
     Melinda: I’m not sure I have a style….I would say earthy, rustic ….I’ve been trying to figure that out…..

BFF: Why do you design the way you do?
     Melinda: My jewelry motto is “Imperfectly Perfect” I love that my metal shares the dents, patina flaws, messy wrapping….it’s so me…I feel this fits me perfectly.  There’s something about vintage meets new ~ a perfect marriage….it feels right to me ~

BFF: Favorite metals?

      Melinda: Copper & Bronze

BFF: Favorite color palette?
     Melinda: I love them all…least favorite would be black ~

BFF: Your best technique(s)?
     Melinda: Would have to be texturing and patina

BFF: What else would you like to try your hand at?
     Melinda: Casting silver jewelry…I have no idea if I would like it or not ~ I especially love that I can create components fairly quickly and work them into a design in the same day ~ and afford it too.

BFF: Other artist/designer(s) you admire? Any special reason why?
     Melinda: One of my all time favorites is Cindy Hoo of At Fallen Leaf Creek….I love the feel of her work and beading…Her photography just takes you there….I am a quiet admirer and have never got the nerve to comment on her blog ~ I would love to have the opportunity to meet her in person one day  ~ I think we would have a lot in common.

BFF: Where do you want to be in 5 years from now?
     Melinda: Seriously…alive! I am a breast cancer survivor for 2 years now…I have this hidden fear of more to come…so I live each day to the fullest, I try to give back to others with sharing ideas, spend time with my family as much as possible and am working on a new website to give back to cancer victims and survivors with a unique jewelry line ~ Hoping to have it up in the Fall of 2012.

BFF: Favorite quote or saying?
     Melinda: Imperfectly Perfect….It’s what makes you …well…you! I try to embrace my flaws, and flaws of others….those quirks are what make me smile ~ .

BFF: Any advice you'd give to new artists who are just beginning in your medium?
     Melinda: You just have to start…anywhere….make a lot of ugly stuff…and pretty soon you’ll think…oh….the would look great if I just did this.  All of the sudden, you’ll have something spectacular!  It will never happen if you don’t get in there and keep trying new concepts~

BFF: Favorite blog that you like to follow?
     Melinda: Probably is the Beading Gem…I think Pearl Blay is an amazing woman and she has this amazing talent to share jewelry themed articles and how to’s …I’m so busy right now, I rarely get to follow any regularly ~ But I hop over there more than anywhere else. 

BFF: What online groups or social media outlets do you belong to? 

Melinda: I created the Facebook group ~ Creative Bead Chat to fill a void of Facebook jewelry related chatter where we could feel good about sharing our work as well as sharing technique with those new or learning new techniques…In three months it has grown to 800 talented members and we add new members daily. I make it my first stop every morning to see what everyone’s chattering about, help answer questions and see all the amazing component and jewelry designs. It’s a great place to connect with component Artisans in all areas including clay, glass, metal, beads and more. It’s also a great place to ask questions…so many are willing to share good info…It’s an open group and all are welcome to join. my only rule since day one…treat others as you would like to be treated….not sure I even needed to have a rule…everyone is so kind and helpful .

BFF: If you had all the money in the world, what would you buy?

     Melinda: I would create more research on curing cancer and save a bit for my huge family (over 60) and buy an estate on water where we could all gather, grill wonderful food, chill with wine,  and spend time together like I did when I was a kid.

BFF: As a child what was your favorite cartoon or TV show? Why?
     Melinda: Probably the Brady Bunch…I was a girl….who didn’t love it ? I have no idea why….maybe because we only got one channel on the farm where I grew up…one of the few shows I had access to.

BFF: Favorite toy as a child? Why?

     Melinda: Haha…probably my brothers matchbox cars…I would carve roads on the bank in front of our farmhouse….I would be gone for hours….just creative play.

BFF: Favorite subject in school? Why?
Melinda: Hmmm….all I remember is that I really disliked History…the rest I loved especially Spanish…but had really wanted to learn German but it wasn’t offered in my small school.

BFF: What was your favorite YEAR of your life thus far? Why?
     Melinda: Honestly…they have all been so full…but probably 1998 when my son was born.   I didn’t think I would ever have children…he was/is precious….I also gained 2 amazing daughters that year….and a prayer had been answered with this amazing husband and family ~

From the first day I laid eyes on Melinda's work I was IN LOVE!  From reading her blog I could sense her generous nature.  But today I learned much more about what really makes her stand out. I  hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, thanks so much Melinda!


Melinda’s Contact Information:

Melinda Orr Designs


Mailing Address: 425 Berriman Hollow Rd, Muncy PA 17756

Telephone : (570)916-6545


Tammie said...

Nice to get to know Melinda better. I like your investigative reporting Shelley :-)

not a fan of capchatca :-(

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Thanks Tammie! But what's capchatca?

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