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BFF Beading Friend Friday: KRISTIN OPPOLD

Well this week I am happy to be visiting with Kristin Oppold of YaY! Jewelry


·          Kristin Oppold lives in Minneapolis. MN
·         She is  Married
·         Kristin has  2 kids
·         She has a dog , her buddy Flint – who is a British Lab and her foot therapy while she creates
·         Kristen’s other hobbies and interests are making things out of peoples cast-offs (more on this later)

BFF: What do you do with beads?

      KRISTIN:  I make all sorts of jewelry. I have made cuffs with felt, basic necklaces with wire or stringing. In fact I believe I made the first embroidered felt pendant necklace on the Etsy but as things go with me I didn’t stick with that for very long and didn’t establish that as a brand.  I like to try things, they may be popular but if I don’t enjoy making them or they take too long I lose interest.

Coral Cluster Lampwork Bracelet by YaY! Jewelry

BFF: How would you describe your role in the beading world?

      KRISTIN: New and learning and taking my beading to the next level.  I will be published for the first time in Bead Trends in the September,  October, November AND December 2012 issues!  I was amazed that my first submission was a success; I was prepared for many denials.  I still doubt my talent at times but I love jewelry design so much I’d do without breathing if I had to make a trade...

BFF: How long have you been working with beads?
      KRISTIN: 10 years

Kyanite Jewelry Set by YaY! Jewelry

BFF: What is your style? And what attracts you to this style?

    KRISTIN:  I had very humble beginnings.  No money in the beginning and overwhelmed by all the choices.   I started out doing more glam.  My first order of beads was from MuddBeads and it was all Swarovski and it was a birthday present from my husband.  You can barely find Swarovski in my designs today.  It took me awhile to find my niche as a jewelry artist.  My eye tends to gravitate toward more earthy, tribal and rustic styles in mixed media. I love the textural aspect of mixed media.   It attracts me because I am an earthy person and it feels right to me

BFF: What are your favorite metals to use?
KRISTIN: I like all metals but with the cost of Sterling Silver and Fine Silver so high, I have made more with copper and oxidized silver base metals.  I like brass okay but I like the silvers and coppers the best.  

Ginko Bracelet by YaY! Jewelry
Vintage Purple Necklace by YaY! Jewelry

BFF: What is your favorite stringing medium to use?

      KRISTIN: Beadalon 49 Strand or Softflex for stringing.  Love leather for tying.  I just wish it fit through more beads.  I love CLon also…I haven’t used it for a while…I think it is a diamond in the rough!  I don’t think jewelry artists have quite captured its full potential.

BFF: What is your favorite color palette?

      KRISTIN: I tend to gravitate towards teals and oceanic colors.  I like the soothing feel they give my chaotic brain.

BFF: Your technique(s)?

      KRISTIN: Stringing, Wirewrapping, Kumihimo, Beginner in metal working and patina.  I don’t think you have to be chalked full of techniques to be successful at what you do.  A good design aesthetic is number one and if you don’t know how to make components yourself. There is a ton of starving art bead sellers looking to stay alive like you.

BFF: What else would you like to try your hand at?

       KRISTIN: Now that is a loaded and endless list of desires!!!!  Let’s see Metal Etching, Patina, Cold Forming, Enamel, Lampwork, Cold Connection, Electroforming, Soldering, Fine Silver Fusion the list goes on.  What mostly holds me back is time to learn and space.  As I said I already have a felt lined house.

BFF: Other artist/designer(s) you admire? Any special reason why?

      Kristen: I would buy jewelry from these artists -

 Keirsten Giles– Her work is well thought out and designed impeccably.  I find it fun and interesting to look at.

Staci Klinger Smith– Her work is interesting, unique and refreshing.  I feel at peace just looking at her jewelry.  It feels very Zen to me.

Gloria Ewing– Love her tribal jewelry.  Great use of interesting materials.  Unique and original designs.

BFF: Where do you want to be in 5 years from now?  

 KRISTIN:  I would love to have my own working jewelry studio so I don’t have to worry about burning the house down.  My husband doesn’t trust me with fire.  Speaking from someone who was gardening with the teapot on in the house ready to launch off the stovetop and leaving the house with the grill on!!!!  I can’t blame him there.  I would like to make more of my own jewelry components and maybe sell a few.

BFF: What’s your favorite quote or saying?

  " I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health."  - Voltaire

Vanilla Chunky Czech Statement Necklace
 by YaY! Jewelry
BFF: Any advice you'd give to new artists who are just beginning in your medium?

      KRISTIN:  Make what you love!  That was the hardest part in the beginning for me as I like to try so many new things.  In order to be successful you have to find your niche and build on that.  If you love it – it will sell, if that is your goal.  Find your style and buy unique pieces and your jewelry will stand out. 
Don’t go for ordinary go for extraordinary.

BFF: What is your favorite blog that you like to follow?

      KRISTIN:  I am new to the blogging community so I am still learning about all of that and reading different ones.  The ones though that I enjoy the most are ones that teach and share techniques in jewelry making.  I also like some of the personal stories people write about their life.  I think those are inspirational.

       BFF: What has been your favorite Blog Hop or Challenge?

      KRISTIN: Well I have only been in 1 challenge so far and that was the Sun and SeaChallenge by Creative Bead Chat ( a Facebook group).  I missed the Bead Soup one this round and feel left out “CRYING OVER THAT”…so next time I am in for sure!!!!

Quirky questions often give us a better understanding of the real person behind the artist, so here goes…

BFF: If you had all the money in the world, what would you buy?

      KRISTIN: Selfishly -------My own working jewelry studio decked out with all the latest tools, a couch for a nap and a TV with a DVD player to watch a good movie if I needed a break, a great coffee maker, air conditioning & heating and a front showroom to display and sell my art along with a kitchenette to entertain.  Can’t forget an automatic shut-off valve for all things that have fire!

BFF: As a child what was your favorite cartoon or tv show? Why?

      KRISTIN: You are going to laugh.  I couldn’t wait to get out of church to go home and watch Tarzan & World Wrestling Federation or WWF.  I guess I thought girls got the shaft.  I hated the holidays with the women in the kitchen clucking over Thanksgiving dinner while the men loafed in front of the television.  I wanted to be tough and maybe that was my time to feel like I could live in an altered reality other than the 1950’s household.

BFF: Favorite toy as a child? Why?

Slab Necklace Teal Green - Red Creek Jasper
by YaY! Jewelry
      KRISTIN: I love anything creative.  I grew up in a small town and resources were minimal for the creative sorts.  I used to beg the school to sell me watercolor paper and art supplies.  I also love to rock collect thus my love of stone in my designs. My neighbors used to kick me out of their rock beds.

BFF: Favorite subject in school? Why?

       KRISTIN: Art for me was a way of expressing myself and escaping.  I love my art teacher. She took a personal interest in me and for an overlooked student that really meant something to me.  Thanks Mrs. Buehl! 

BFF: What was your favorite YEAR of your life thus far? Why? 

      KRISTIN: All of my years have presented themselves with wonders and different challenges and I have enjoyed them all for different reasons. 

As promised here is a little more about how Kristin likes to use other's castoffs in her art -

Upcycled Bag purple & Green Shag Bag
 by YaY! Jewelry
"I have a funky wacky side and make Shag Bags out of reclaimed pursed, yarn, fabric and Sari Silk.  I also love to make Sock Monkey Coffee Cozies, pillows, flower pins and cuffs out of felted sweaters.  My husband tells me I CANNOT start another hobby.  I have enough felt to insulate our house!  My insanity to create is all consuming and quite an obsession.  I have to say though that jewelry is one hobby I have really stuck with and enjoyed.  I like the immediate satisfaction. I am not the most patient person.  I tried making a quilt ONCE; I finished it but will never do that again!!!!"


Kristin said that she enjoys blogs where the writer shares their personal stories because from them she receives inspiration. I wholeheartedly agree as Kristin's story has given me MUCH inspiration! Her words, her designs - love them!Thank you so much Kristin for giving us a glimpse into what makes up the artist in you! 

Kristin’s contact information -

YaY! Jewelry


 Address: 8900 Woodhill Circle, Savage MN 55378

Tele: 952-496-9693



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Hey a fellow Minnesotan! Great interview Kristin.

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NIce to meet Kristin, thanks for continuing BFF Shelley, I enjoy getting to know all our artsy peeps.

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Great showcase of the pure art.Necklace are amazing love the colors you have used.

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