Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mail Call!

So, I finally returned home after being away for a few weeks and guess what I had waiting in my mailbox? Not one, not two, but THREE packages! I LOVE opening up that mailbox and finding packages!

The first package was from Marla Gibson, of Spice Box Designs. When I opened the outer package I found two boxes - here is the main one. Isn't her presentation beautiful?

And the best part, well besides what was wrapped inside of course, was that the material used to tie the boxes can be reused in one of my own future design - love the colors and textures in this soft cotton woven material.

After getting all excited at how it was wrapped, I opened it to find this gorgeous necklace...
Wish the photo could capture its real beauty (Look here for better pictures). Not only it is a ton of work, such intricate roping technique (sorry, probably not the correct term), but the colors are S-T-U-N-ning!

And then there is a bracelet/anklet to match! AND they both perfectly go with the earrings Marla gifted to me on a bead swap back a couple months ago! SO I am going to be all decked out! Jealous?

Oh, speaking of Marla, be sure to come back on Friday, June 29th when I will be posting my first in a NEW weekly series, called BFF or "Beading Friend Friday". Each Friday I will introduce  one of my beading friends to you. The first blog post will feature Marla Gibson! So be sure to follow me by e-mail so you never miss a BFF post!     

Now for the second package...inside this package was a set of beads which I purchased from Joan Waters of Glass by Joan....what else can I say, I'm in love with these beads. So beautiful. I thought I was buying them to use in a bracelet I was going to design and then sell, but I don't think I can part with them. This is becoming a trend with me. If I don't part with my jewelry, HOW oh HOW am I ever going to afford to buy more beads? Well I'll work on this issue another day. For now, I am probably going to hold onto these particular beads. Thanks Joan!

Package number three was from Michelle Mach of Michelle Mach of Beads & Books.  In May I took part in the Tiny Tin Challenge and Blog Hop which was sponsored by Michelle. A prize was awarded to a randomly selected challenge participant, and  I was the winner!

I love looking at an artist's packaging. Says so much about a person. Look at Michelle's - simple and elegant.

And here is my prize, it's one of the tins created by Michelle herself. Isn't it exquisite? Can you read the note she enclosed in the tin? It says, "You will bead today."   Perfect!


Copper Diem said...

Isn't mail fun! I love love love those beads, by the way

Shelley Graham Turner said...

YES I LOVE mail call! And I already told you I love my beads, so take a step or two back AWAY from my beads lady!!

MIchelle Mach said...

Lucky you to have so many great packages waiting for you! Glad you enjoyed the tin!

Marla said...

Oh wow! Thanks so much Shelley for the post regarding my work. It really means a lot to me! I am soooo happy you liked them! I have to admit the boxes are recycled as well. Rose from RoEnchanted Designs makes them and I think I received them when I ordered some jewelery from her! She was kind enough to give me a walk through on how she makes them so I will probably have to start making my own soon. Just gotta save up to buy the supplies needed! <3

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Yeah my mailbox was full = my bank account empty! But I'm happy and my stomach is full. Hehehe Yes Michelle, in my heart I chose that tin as my fav but figured you might be attached to one or the other and I wanted you to make the choice - either way I won! Thanks again for hosting the challenge and for my prize!

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Save up? What does that word mean?!! And it was my pleasure to receive your "artwork". And I am all into recycling, might be the only way I can get new supplies cause this chick is broke. Smooches!!

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