Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm One of the Chosen Ones!

Woo hoo! I have been chosen to participate in the  Jewelry Designs from Nature Challenge !!!

Here's how it works -  a fun challenge inspired by Heather Power's book Jewelry Designs from Nature.

It's a creative blog challenge. 10 winners will be sent a packet and have a few weeks to create a piece of jewelry inspired by their packets.  Each packet contains:

   * a few Humblebeads featured in the book
   * a nature-inspired poem
   * a photo for color and design inspiration

The packets will be themed and I could get a garden, woodlands or sea set!

Then on July 6th there will be a blog hop featuring the results.  There will also be voting for your favorite challenge piece during the blog hop and giveaway beads from the book!

So to say the least I am super excited. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Heather Power's work, she is super inspiring. In fact I was online reading her blog archives all day yesterday..still got lots more to read but I'm in 2010!

So make sure to stop back on July 6th to see what we come up with. Oh, and be sure to pick up Heather's book. In addition to being available at Amazon, it's also making its way into the big craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels. (CONGRATS Heather!!)

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Sharyl said...

Congrats, Shelley!

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