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Beading Friend Friday! : MARLA GIBSON

This is the FIRST post for my new weekly series, BFF- Beading Friend Friday.So who else could I choose to be my FIRST subject but my very FIRST bead swap partner, Marla Gibson of Spice Box Designs.
Here are her vital statistics:

  • Marla Gibson lives in Northeast Mississippi, the birthplace of Elvis Presley! (Marla: Go ahead Google it!You know you want to!Actually I live about 5 miles in a small town north from there.)
  • She has been happily married since St. Patrick’s Day, 2005. (Marla: My husband is my best critic and supporter.)
  • She has one wonderful daughter, Trinity who is 10 years old and sometimes can be seen on Marla’s blog modeling her work.
  • They have 2 dogs, a Boxer named Samson, and a long haired Teacup Chihuahua named Mojo. They also have 2 birds, one is a Green Cheek Conure named Mango and the other is a Pearl Cockatiel named Lilly.
  • Marla loves to read and says her Kindle is her best friend! She love music as well and is really into Florence and the Machine!

Now that you have the vitals,go ahead and grab your coffee, sit down and learn more about his phenomenal artist -
BFF: What do you do with beads?
Marla: I am a Beadweaver.I refuse to call it anything else or spell it any other way.It reminds me of a Spellweaver in a fantasy world, of course some of the stuff you weave could use a spell or two to get the thread untangled lol.
BFF: How would you describe your role in the beading world?
Marla: That is a very good question and one I have not really pondered before.The first one that pops in my head would be artist. Not trying to sound condescending but isn’t that basically what a creator and designer are?
BFF: How long have you been working with beads?
Marla: I started in May of 2011.So a bit over a year.I am a Newbie!
BFF: What is your style? And what attracts you to this style?
Marla: I prefer simple pieces that allow the work to speak for itself.I try not to let one style define me.
BFF: What are your favorite metals to use?
Marla: I love antique copper!There is just something about it that sings to me.The depth and warmth are just so amazing.And honestly every color looks good with antique copper!
BFF: What is your favorite stringing medium to use?
Marla: I weave with Fireline exclusively, but with bead embroidery I prefer Nymo.Trust me on this, if you want to try beadweaving;use the best materials you can afford because it makes it so much easier to learn!And yes, Fireline is expensive but you will thank me for it later I promise!

BFF: What is your favorite color palette?
Marla: Earth tones or jewel tones, I am finding myself to be more of a monochromatic type person which dismays me.So I am trying to break out of that rut.(Please send me more seed beads so I have more choices in color)Ha!

BFF: Your best technique(s)?
Marla: Right Angle Weave. I love it.2 beads and 2 beads make 4 beads!(Black Adder Reference)
BFF: What else would you like to try your hand at?
Marla: Glass Blowing! But that will probably never happen considering where I live, sigh.

BFF: Other artist/designer(s) you admire? Any special reason why?
Metal Working - Melinda Orr.I just love how creative she is and it always amazes me the colors and shapes she can coax out of metal.
Bead Embroidery:Jamie Cloud Eakin. Her work is amazing and her books are fantastic!When I grow up I want to be just like her!
Stringing:Lesley Watt.I have yet to see something she makes that I do not like!Her use of design is out of this world.
Knotting:Sherri Hartmann Stokey. Her micro macramé is absolutely stunning and she is such a nice person too!
Polymer Clay:Barbara Bechtel.Her polymer clay beads are just fantastic.The colors and shapes are so amazing, her work is always original.
BeadWeaving:Sabine Lippert.Her new book is so amazing and a must have on all beadweavers bookshelves!Plus her use of Right Angle Weave is oolala!
Glasswork:Donna Millard. I am always amazed by her work, it is the best translation of art glass that I have ever seen. Also, her hand must be really, really steady!

BFF: Where do you want to be 5 years from now?
Marla: I do not know where I am going, I just know I am on my way!
BFF: What’s your favorite quote or saying?
“The road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began
Now far ahead the road has gone
And I must follow if I can.
Pursuing it with eager feet
Until it joins some greater way
Where many paths and errands meet
And whither then? I cannot say." J.R.R. Tolkien<3

BFF: Any advice you'd give to new artists who are just beginning in your medium?
Marla: Youtube! Youtube!Youtube!There are so many artists that have free videos up on Youtube that can teach you pretty much whatever you want to know.Two that I recommend for bead weaving are:
· TSummerlee is amazing at bead weaving and is such fun to listen to as well!
· Kelly is such a great teacher and you up loads new tutorials every week.

BFF: What is your favorite blog that you like to follow?
Marla: Pretty Things by Lori Anderson has to be my favorite one.You never know what you are going to find there and her voice is so honest and witty. Sadly Lori seems to catch some unfair criticisms from some of her readers LBe nice to Lori or you will have a conversation with my fist!(I am kidding!Well sort of!)
BFF: What has been your favorite Blog Hop or Challenge?
Marla: Favorite Blog Hop so far would have to be the 7000 Bracelets of Hope Project. 7000 Bracelets of Hope is run through the Global Genes Project, a rare disease group for children. The bracelets are donated to the mothers and caretakers of these children, as a way to give them a little support and lift their spirits. You can read more about it here:

Quirky questions often give us a better understanding of the real person behind the artist, so here goes
BFF: If you had all the money in the world, what would you buy?
Marla: I am actually pretty content.Except for beads!I would buy lots and lots and lots of beads.Did I mention beads?Oh and a trip to Bead and Button next year so I can meet everyone!(Please send paypal donations ;)
BFF: As a child what was your favorite cartoon or tv show? why?
Marla: Fraggle Rock! Loved that show.Jim Henson was a master!It was such a high energy musical romp as Jim Henson liked to say! Darn I now have the theme song stuck in my head.Ha!
BFF: Favorite toy as a child? why?
Marla: My Western Flyer 10 Speed bicycle.I loved it! It gave me my first taste of freedom from parental oppression lol.I was never home after I received it.I would ride down the road with no hands with my hair flowing in the wind.Don’t do that now!People will run you over!(No Bike Lanes in the South and they wonder why we are the most obese /sigh)
BFF: Favorite subject in school? why?
Marla: Art was always my favorite subject in school.I had such fantastic Art Teachers.They were not only teaching me art techniques but they also really tried to teach me to have faith in myself.They never did conquer the control freak issue I have however lol.
BFF: What was your favorite YEAR of your life thus far? why?
Marla: 2001 was my favorite year because that was the year my daughter was born.

Words from the artist, herself:
“ The one thing that has really amazed me about this journey that I am on is how much fellowship the jewelry artists share. They are always so helpful to one another and it really does feel like a great big family. (That being said I hope I don’t piss someone off!) There are some really great groups on Facebook that you can join to learn and share. I have been welcomed with open arms into this family and while I have only met one or two people from it I consider a few of them some of my closest friends."

Thanks for coming by! and SPECIAL thanks to Marla Gibson for sharing with us all!

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