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On the Road :: Skaneateles, NY

This past week I met up with my good friend, Betsy. She was visiting New York State and had a free morning!

The Meet-up!

She had plans for later in the day, but because it was my one chance to see her, I got on the road bright and early so we could meet up for breakfast.

We met about halfway, about 75 miles from my home. It was a nice ride and I got to watch the sunrise, though it was in my rearview mirror. (Yes, I was travelling west.) 
We met at the local Denny’s (where else, right?! LOL). The poor server, it took her about four trips to our table to get our order. We were talking so much we didn’t even glance at the menu.

Our Excursion Begins!

Isn't this lake clear?!

Skaneateles is located in Onondaga County, with just about 7200 residents. Its name is from the Iroquois term for “long lake”. 1 

I think it should be named “Clearwater” but I guess that might confuse the snowbirds, huh?

We took a nice walk along the lakeside. It was such a warm, sunny day.

The water glistened, docked boats bobbled in the water and people sat on the park benches just relaxing; it was just wonderful.

From the park we got a glimpse of a beautiful church steeple and decided to get a look at it up close.

Walk through the Village

We followed the sidewalk through the village. Though it was early there were shops and restaurants open.

This place made us a good offer but we were smart and left the guys behind on this trip!

This little lady called us in to check out her place. It turned out to be a very cool gift shop called 1st National Gifts, which was housed in an former bank.

They had a display in the vault where they shared the history of the building! 

Look at those original windows!

2 East Genesee St., Skaneateles NY
And someone (visitor or maybe even their staff?!) had the right idea, took that last photo just for Mel -  Go YANKEES! LOL

Beautiful Architecture

While the shop windows were interesting, we found the architecture particularly yummy!

Betsy had her eye on this particular home.


I loved the wrought iron work. Isn’t it scrumptious?!

Betsy being Betsy, she was especially drawn to the florals!

Betsy is an artist who has a special way with flowers. Her work is just gorgeous. 

This is the painting she gave me for my birthday and I am absolutely in LOVE with it.

 She said she got her inspiration from Donna Downey



I fell in love with this building. I love this shot I got of all the dental molding and wrought iron. And can we talk about those windows? WOW! 

Gallery 54
We ventured on up the street to a shop called Gallery 54 where we were greeted by one of the co-owners, Judi Witkin. As soon as we walked in we got excited! We saw a mixture of mediums – jewelry, woodworking, pottery and ceramics, stained glass, photograpy – just to name a few.

I asked Judi if I could include them in a blog post and she said, “SURE!”

So here is just a small selection of what they have on display in their gallery –

54 East Genesee St, Skaneateles, NY

I asked about the bead weaving pieces and found to my delight that it was Judi’s work.I asked her about her process and where she gets her cabs. She gave me the backstory on a few.  

SEE, that’s the difference, with artisan made items you get a story!

Beadwork by Judi Witkin
I asked Judy which was her favorite piece and she told me though it changes all the time, THIS DAY the jade necklace in the last photo was her favorite! And I can see why, it's stunning!

Pottery by Sallie Thompson
Both Betsy and I loved these unique pottery pieces by Sallie Thompson. The artist’s designs were amazing and the glaze choices just were perfect.

Not only was everything in the gallery visibly pleasing, the prices were very reasonable too! I definitely will be going back, this time with my wallet. (I intentionally left it back, I KNOW how I am in these places!)

We found the church!

Not forgetting our original mission, we walked on. We found the church. It is St. James Episcopal Church and it is set on the water with a beautiful park adjacent. Loved finding out that they even have an outdoor service – how wonderful is that?! 

96 East Genesee St., Skaneateles, NY

After snapping a few more photos we made our way back to the car. Though we only spent about an hour in this beautiful village it was memorable. I got to see my friend and a lovely spot – all in one morning!

It’s the little moments like this that inspire me. With THAT being said, you KNOW I have to show you some more artsy shots I took!


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