Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hamilton: Weekly Visit

On today's agenda was another visit to Hamilton to help out at the Hamilton Center for the Arts/Broad Street Gallery. I've been volunteering there for a couple weeks now - my own internship of sorts. 

It's about an hour drive, but the scenery is so beautiful it doesn't seem like that long of a ride. Mel went along with me today because the gallery owner, Kathy, needed some help moving a few things to the basement. 

We arrived a few minutes early so I decided to walk around the corner and snap a photo. As we drove into town, I had seen a banner hanging on the side of a building announcing a Native American Festival*. 

As usually happens with me, one photo led to many, many  others!     


And as we walked, Mel even got in the act, suggesting things to snap a photo of ...  

Look at this, he said...

And this... 

I thought the changing of the marquee was sorta cool -

Next to the movie theatre ma cool boutique called STEPH. The smell of leather drew me in.  I met Mary who was tending the store. We chatted and I found out she has a son, James, who is a landscape photographer. I ended up giving her my card. I am hoping to be able to share her son's work with my OOAK Artisan readers soon.

(PS. They had great clothes, perfect to wear to an art opening. I plan to return when I do NOT have a chaperone with me!) 

When I finally stopped running my mouth it was time to get to the gallery.  I took a gazillion photos and I'm going to be sharing more in future posts. 

Before I sign off today, I want to share some gorgeous shots I took of the walls in the basement of the  gallery... you KNOW how I feel about texture and especially architectural texture! I'm working hard to get you hooked as well. Until next time, enjoy the view!  

 * For more info on the Native American Festival 

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