Saturday, October 28, 2017

MAKE YOUR MARK! A Childrens' Art Program

Last month during National Arts in Education Week, sponsored by Americans for the Arts, I had the pleasure to work with area children! I visited SoRo Child Care, owned by Nicole Crever; Rome Jervis Library with Miss Alanna; Mrs. Tien's class at Rome Catholic School; and the Treehouse Reading and Art Center, owned by Dr. Joanna Robertson.

I love to create my art lessons around a book title. As it was also International Dot Day that week, for this session I chose the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds. This story is all about a little girl named Vashti who doesn't think she has any artistic talent. But after her art teacher asks her to make a mark, just one dot, she learns that she does have what it takes to be an artist.

At each of the venues I visited we read the book together. After the story all the children gathered around a big white canvas. Each child was asked to choose an object from my stash. Each of these items could be used to make marks on the canvas.

Next they chose their color, then paint was applied to their tool.  Finally, we let them loose! 

Each one tried a few different mark making tools and different colors. Did they ever have fun!

At the end each session the children saw they had created one large canvas full of colorful marks. They thought that was the end of it. Until, I came back the next day with the finished painting! I had uncovered the words I had placed on the blank canvas.

The results?  Each one was different, and each a work of art!

It was a busy week for me but I enjoyed every minute of it! Here's a glimpse -

If you would like to have me visit your classroom, daycare or scout trip, e-mail me and schedule a visit. The first session is FREE!

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