Monday, June 30, 2014

Time to Change My Ways

I am turning 55. You know what that means, right? SIXTY is right around the corner!
Now that I am going to be OLD, officially, I figure it's time I change my ways. I need to act like a grown-up. One thing that I want to work on is staying focused. I tend to jump around from idea to idea...did you happen to notice that? Hahaha

So to start I decided to begin with a daily ritual. Now it isn't going to be exercise related, nothing crazy like that

After watching Dianne from honest heART studio I was inspired. I decided that to celebrate my birthday month I wanted to create ICADs (Index Card a Day)for  each day in the month of July. An index card's worth of art. EVERY. DAY.

So now that I said it...let me walk the walk!

See you tomorrow for my first ICAD (I am good for atleast a day or so, no?! LOL)

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