Sunday, February 2, 2014


It's been like forever since I posted to my blog soooo, to give it a jump start I am going to challenge myself for the month of February. 

I found this 'photo-a-day' challenge on Pinterest - quick and easy!

Today I need to post TWO photos to catch up!

The First's photo prompt is "dinner". Well last night I had dinner in the Empire Lounge in the Marriott Hotel at LaGuardia Airport. On my way from a wonderfully hysterical girls' trip. Anyways...we (my friend Suzanne and I) shared a appetizer - meatballs and garlic bread - with a side salad. Plus a tasty beverage. Unfortunately the photo didn't come out (could it have been because of the tasty beverage aka Rum & Coke?!) 

Oh no matter, I will show a photo of Suzanne's plate from the other night. We ate at Tony's Asian Fusion, in Westhampton, NY. Look at this cute bird that she received with her meal - it's a carrot sculpture! My other friend got a turtle! I am taking them home with me (I know - weirdo! LOL).

The prompt for the 2nd is RED!

Okay this one is sorta reaching but it is RED! It's a beautiful lamp which is in our hotel room...

I have to go now..GOT to get to the airport! Will do better in the future. Promise!

XxoOh! ~ Shelley


Beti Horvath said...

Glad to see you back on track! Good luck with your photo challenge!

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Thanks Beti...hopefully I can finish it! I have so many swaps and challenges this month. You in any good ones? Let me know.

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I guess there are "seasons" in blogging just like everything else, Shelley :) Glad you found something to pique your interest!

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Hey Monique! I HOPE it continues. I tend to have a very short attention span. LOL

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