Saturday, July 15, 2017

Support the Arts by Supporting An Artist

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in a young artist's life?

I support a few artists, Ben John Albino is one of them. I met Ben over a year ago in a FB group for artists interested in the business side of art. He responded to an OOAK Artisan membership offer I had posted there. It's important to me to encourage and promote other artists, but I especially enjoy mentoring young artists.

Since that time we have messaged back and forth quite a bit, and what started as a small investment of my time, has turned into a friendship.

In learning about his life in the Philippines I found that he didn't really have much, didn't want much,
he just wanted to be able to create!

You may remember my sharing some of his colored pen work?  This is the portrait he did of my grandson, Nazhier.  

Ben is obviously talented, but it takes more than just talent.  It takes hard work. He works into the wee hours, I know because we have messaged at all hours of the day and night. I really admire his work ethic. He's a humble young man and always very thankful for everything -  which just makes me want to do even more to help him realize his dream.

I represent Ben in the United States. I've been able to introduce his work to others and have gotten him quite a few requests for commission work . We have even entered his work into one of our local art shows. My dream is to be able to someday sponsor an art residency for him, here in the U.S.  In the meantime I will share his work and contribute monetarily via Patreon. Have you heard of Patreon? It's a online program that introduces you to emerging artists and other creators. You can support one of these artists on a monthly basis for as little at $1 a week. That doesn't sound like much right? But for an artist it can mean the difference between living his dream, or not.

If you would, please do me a favor, check out Ben's Patreon page and if you are able please contribute something. He has set his initial goal to $100/month, he is at $49 now. You probably don't realize it but in his country, $100 would allow him to rent a dedicated studio space there in his small town! For now he works in a small corner of his parent's kitchen. I'd love to tell you more, and we will, next month in "Exploring Art & Artist" , the new monthly feature on the OOAK Artisan Showcase blog.

Ben John Albino
For now, please go to his
Patreon page.
ANY and all support is appreciated.

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