Saturday, July 8, 2017

#DYICAD 2017 Challenge: Week Three

I'm back again with week 3 of the #dyicad 2017 challenge.

The challenge is for 61 days. This year I am doing it along with my fellow artist and friend, Jenn Engle of Mixed Media Jenn

You can follow along daily on either my Instagram or my Facebook page.

Here's a summary of week one, days 15 through 21:


 Made a CHANGE in my process:
As I work on my ICAD challenge I am finding I love some of the pieces so much I want to frame/sell them. So from now on I'm just either going to lay quotes down for the photo, or attach each digitally to the photo. ALSO, some days I find I want to work a bit bigger. I started with small index cards, went to larger - now I have been working on 8x10 paper. The goal of the challenge for me is to just do something small each day. So I'm just rewriting the rules (it's kinda my MO #rebel)... Live with it people! Lol! I am also cutting up all of them and keeping the individual words in a baggie for future use. (Because I really need to hoard just one more thing here!)

Remember, you can play too!
Just jump right in and remember to tag #dyicad2017.

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