Wednesday, January 11, 2017

PAINTING #7: Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge – Elaine de Kooning

I am taking part in Leslie Saeta’s “ Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge”.

I have chosen the NEW YORK SCHOOL as my theme.  CLICK HERE to learn more about it. I am creating a painting based on a quote of one of its member artists, not their technique.

Painting 6, I call it "Within Isolated Cells":

“Women can also be creative in total isolation. I know excellent women artists who do original work without any response to speak of. Maybe they are used to lack of feedback. Maybe they are tougher.                                  
                                              ~ Elaine de Kooning, Member of the New York School

My opinion is - MAYBE we ARE!

Elaine de Kooning (1918-1989), born in Flatbush,  was an Abstract Expressionist and Figurative Expressionist painter in the post-World War II era. She wrote extensively on the art of the period [7] and was an editorial associate for Art News magazine. 1

Self Portrait by Elaine de Kooning (1946)

Sources and great reads:

I hope you will join in, you can jump in at any time. I'd love to see what you create!

As Leslie says, It's about getting in to the studio to try new things. It's about painting more often. It's about having fun and developing new habits!”

If you want to join in just visit her website where she explains everything! #30paintingsin30days

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