Sunday, January 8, 2017

PAINTING #4: Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge – Jackson Pollack

I am taking part in Leslie Saeta’s “ Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge”.

I have chosen the NEW YORK SCHOOL as my theme.  CLICK HERE to learn more about it.

Today’s quote from one of the New York School artistsL

It doesn’t matter how the paint is put on, as long as something is said.”

Jackson Pollack (1912-1956) was an American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He was well known for his unique style of drip painting. He used paint pouring as one of several techniques on canvases. Later, he began painting with his canvases laid out on the studio floor, and he developed what was later called his "drip" technique. He used hardened brushes, sticks, and even basting syringes as paint applicators. Pollock's technique of pouring and dripping paint is thought to be one of the origins of the term action painting. 1


Blue Poles (1950)

Each day of this challenge I work on a painting using the artist's quote as my inspiration, not the technique.  Today is supposed to be about the painting saying something. I can't really tell you what my painting is saying. Maybe it's just saying - Nothing to see here, move on please.

My Painting for Day 4 of the challenge inspired by his quote:

Detailed close up

Acrylic skin from paint bottle caps add texture

A bonus share: My friend and fellow artist, Betsy Walcheski of Art by Bets, did something very clever this holiday season. She and her family decorated cookies in Jackson Pollack style!



Sources and great reads:

I hope you will join in, you can jump in at any time. I'd love to see what you create!

As Leslie says,

It's about getting in to the studio to try new things. It's about painting more often. It's about having fun and developing new habits!”

If you want to join in just visit her website where she explains everything! #30paintingsin30days

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Mischelle said...

I love how this turned out Shelley!!

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