Monday, May 4, 2015

#100 Day Project - Day 27

Taking part in the 100 Day Project with Elle Luna over at The Great Discontent.  We had to come up with our own hashtag to use to describe our 100 days of making - mine is #100daysofochre.

Here's a look at my Day 27:    Mixed Media Postcard
Materials Used: Gesso, acrylic paints, hand carved rubber stamp, paper towel (quote), matte medium, Neo-Color II crayons,  glossy Mod Podge.

Today I have a step-by-step for you. 

1. I created a background using three layers of acrylic paint, applied in a wash, each time a darker shade of blue. I allowed the first two layers to dry but when I added the last layer (the darkest shade) I immediately sprayed it with water and then used a baby wipe to remove some of the layers. After it dried I stamped (hand carved leaf) in white and light green acrylic paint.

2. Taking the quote size into consideration I cut a hole in the center of the paper using a utility knife. 

3. Using a small piece of paper I painted in green I taped it to the back of the card. I then added the quote inside, using the matte medium.

4. With my sewing machine I zigzagged around the perimeter of the hole I had created,  using different sizes for added interest. I sealed the stitching with matte medium.                        

5. I added the ochre crayon to the quote and randomly around the card. I sealed the whole card with the glossy Mod Podge to finish it off.

I know you've seen a few of my postcards with this quote - it's one of my very favorites!  

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