Wednesday, April 15, 2015

#100 Day Project: Day 6 and 7

 Taking part in the 100 Day Project with Elle Luna over at The Great Discontent.  We had to come up with our own hashtag to use to describe our 100 days of making - mine is #100daysofochre.

Here's a look at my Day 6 and Day 7:

Day 6 - This is just an abstract that started out as a bunch of torn up painted paper...afterwards I turned it around to see what I could find looking back at me. 

This little penguin jumped out.


Day 7 - For a swap I am entered in, the challenge was to use texture - my favorite thing! Began with a abstract background of acrylics and Neo-Color crayons. I stamped deli paper using one of my favorite hand carved stamps and acrylic paint (ochre, of course!). Then used some leftover painted paper that I had applied beeswax to, and wove it together. After adhering the woven section and the deli paper pieces I coated it in LOADS of gloss Mod Podge (for more texture). Then added a quote by Buddha which I had printed on paper towel.
So cool to the touch!


I don't honestly know if I will make to 100, but I will try to keep plugging away!

Thanks for stopping by -

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Linda said...

Hi Shelley! How are you? This showed up in my in box today and I was so tickled. These are great! I love the Penguin that jumped out at you.

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