Monday, August 18, 2014

New DESTASH group started!

As I change TORI SOPHIA Designs over from ceramics to mixed media art I decided to share the ceramic components and jewelry pieces I still have available with my friends. So I opened a destash group on Facebook. It works a little differently than most destash groups I have been a part of in the past. I will post only a small amount of items per week, and to begin, just one day a week. I will post the items for PREVIEW on Saturday but won't start the SALE until Sundays at 7pm EST. This will keep people from impulse buying* as well as make it fair to all. If everyone has a chance to look it over, before the feeding frenzy starts - that's better in my view.

* YOU know we are ALL impulsive bead hoarders! - "Ooooh, SHINY, want!" - sound familiar?! LOL

A few of this week's offerings:

It's my wish that my pieces NOT be purchased for resale purposes (other than in your own designs) so I have made the decision not to sell in bulk or wholesale to resellers. I don't care if people buy my jewelry and then take it apart and repurpose it, to me that's art and I can only HOPE to be a part of their process. But to buy with the intent to turn around and sell them, even in bead soups, that doesn't appeal to me. And these are my babies! :) 

I hope people understand and aren't offended. These pieces are apart of me. I never mass produced any of my pieces, except in limited number or as part of a series. WITH THAT SAID, if you would like to become a member please stop by....Viewings start Saturdays with SALE beginning Sundays at 7PM EST. Thanks!

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Leah Tees said...

You are awesome Shelley.

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