Thursday, August 21, 2014


Okay, so, here we are AGAIN. I need a dose of accountability! I am getting out of control again. Too many to-do lists!  I have been found in my PJ's out in the yard, wandering in circles!  
Google Earth photo of the IS art though!

Better do SOMETHING before it gets worse(and I make the 10 o'clock News!)

These are things I tend to do when I am overwhelmed. And of course, AS USUAL, I only have myself to blame.

So as I lay in bed this morning, swimming in design ideas,

 which I just KNEW I'd remember, 
OF COURSE I would as they were so fabulous!
 Yup, I lost them. 
Don't fret, they will wander back through.
 Probably during another RARE calm moment.

Oh, I was saying..swimmming in ideas while in bed. Yes, um, what was I talking about again?

OH YEAH, and I decided to get back on my schedule. A very well thought out schedule, mind you, with charts and everything! 

What a sick mind!
 What can I say in my defense? 
It's just the accountant in me!

Anyways....I am trying to start being ACCOUNTABLE as of today, August 21, 2014. I need to work my way up to following the schedule to the "t".SLOWLY! For instance,  the SCHEDULE says check email and social media at 7AM, 12PM and then again at 5PM, and only for 30 minutes! Oh hell, I really need to work on that! So I will jossle (juggle + toss) it around a bit this first week.

Like I tell my kids - BABY STEPS!

Of course I can NOT function in the current state of my studio space. So that's my first task. AND, just to make myself ACCOUNTABLE I am showing photos! Here goes. 

DON'T Judge!!

Just like you (come clean!), I HAVE been down this road before. Here was how it looked back in March of this year.

Took me almost a whole month to get everything sorted and back in there.(this is just one view of the mess I had then)

AND here is TODAY,

                 DON'T Judge!!

Here are the highlights for you,

And just to torture myself in hopes it will get my butt in gear I leave this on my chair when I leave for the day!

Um, it's NOT working.

So there it tis, my dirty little secret! FEELS GREAT to out myself and come CLEAN!
 (oh, did I show you the piles in the living room?!)

I will keep you updated 
(well, if I am successful AND 
if I can fit it in my schedule!)



Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I usually forbid myself from buying anything new till I have sorted and tidied... I frequently find at least one of whatever I had on the wishlist (bonus). Does that work for you, Shelley? Or pick ONE and only one section/craft area and reward yourself for cleaning that one :)

I have a feeling most crafters have a work area that looks like yours or worse,,, the honest ones, I mean :)

Michelle Mach said...

Looks like we're both going through this stage! Some of my piles I'm afraid to put them away--"out of sight, out of mind." Each stack is a little to-do list all by itself.

Leah Tees said...

You are too funny Shelley, I like to clean my studio before I start another project, just food for thought :) Loves ya!

Skye said...

Hey, there is still plenty of room to walk through, you can even move your chair without running over ( or knocking over) anything, and I see bare spots on that desk yet.. small ones, maybe, but still... they're there ;) lol You saw part of my mess beside my chair the other night. My desk area is still messy, but not as bad near the computer... but only because I haven't been sitting over there to work ;) My kitchen table is buried, along with those 'papers' I was painting for you... they were supposed to be done and in the mail a couple weeks ago so they'd reach you by the end of the month for you to use in your wheel... Really not seeing that happening now >.< Maybe I'll dig them out and have them finished for your next project...? Maybe...? lol I should do a schedule too, to sort out housework, writing, jewelry making ... unfortunately, I suck at following schedules >.< And if i plot out times for being creative, I never FEEL creative then >.<

Joyce Fisher said...

I can't even get to my craft table right now without tripping over piles stacked at least knee high. Even if I could get to it without breaking a leg, there's so much stuff piled on top. My craft room has gotten to be such a disaster zone that I haven't made a single card all summer. Every time I'm in the mood to craft, I open the door and realize it would take days to clean it up, and I end up just closing the door.

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