Saturday, June 1, 2013

REVEAL: Sadafulee's Summer Anklet Blog Hop

My friend Kashmira Patel of Sadafulee challenged us to make our own summer anklet. Since I now live near the beach I do wear a lot of sandals, and I wear anklets too!

I decided to make a floral design using a cute little flower lampwork bead along with some sweet little iridescent leaves,  all strung on a wire filled with violet seed beads.


I can't wait to rock to see what everyone else came up with... MAYBE I can find a few to add to my collection!

Special thanks to Kashmira for being our hostess! 

Kashmira Patel
Kaushambi Shah
Will post on Kashmira's blog
Jean Wells
Mischelle Fanucchi
Shellie Grindie
Ginger Bishop
Monique U
Cynthia Machata
Kay Thomerson
Mimi Gardner
Anindita Basu
Rita (Toltec Jewels)
Gina Hockett
Tammie Everly
Lynda Carson
Dyanne Cantrell
Ema Kilroy
Emma Todd
K Morgan
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson
Cheri Reed
Rochelle Brisson
Michelle Buettner
Sandra McGriff
Stephanie Weiss
Shelley Graham Turner
Roxanne Mendoza


Kashmira said...

Oh my!!! How cute is that! And its purple :)
I love the little flower on it...and the leaves...gorgeousness!

Thanks SO much for participating :)

Sharyl said...

That is so cute! I can just see that with some sandles...down on the beach! How lucky you are, anyway!

Skye said...

Doh! *facepalm* I totally could've used my czech glass leaves! LOL I have a huge collection of leaves and flowers, but never seem to use them in anything but earrings and bracelets, and usually can't remember even for them >.< lol Darn ... guess I'll have to make another one ;)

Love your anklet :) It's so cute! We should all wear our creations when we get together at Philly :)

Mimi Gardner said...

Very sweet...that little flower is perfect. Love your design!!

Tammie Everly said...

Summery and sweet, perfect for your feet. Nice job Shelley very cute

Ginger Bishop said...

How did I know it was going to be purple? ;)
Love it Lady! Great job.

freshbakeddesigns said...

Love this sweet, floral anklet! Such a pretty and delicate design. I'm amazed at all the different ideas in this blog hop, aren't you???


Jean A. Wells said...

Beautiful! I think the floral theme is perfect for anklets. What a fun hop this has been. Great job!

Shel said...

And ROCK this you will girl!! Super cool - love the colors and the beads - great design! This has been a fun blog hop, has it not?!

Cheri said...

Love your anklet, looking at everyone's design gives me some good ideas for future ankle bracelets. This was a lot of fun!

KayzKreationz said...

Very cute. Love the little leaf beads with the cute flower bead. Great job.

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Hope all is well at your blog, Shelley, when I was here earlier I tried to leave a comment but I see it is not here. I think I said how sweet and I totally blame you for my recent fixation on purple LOL

kmorgan said...

What a cute anklet! I love that little flower & the leaves!

Micheladas said...

Love the flower.. great job.

Freestyle Elements said...

Very cute, love the flower and leaves! Love the purple, too, lol! Gina H

AntiquityTravelers said...

Really sweet piece and lovely colors!

Kepi said...

Super cute, love it!

Roxanne Mendoza said...

Very it!

Libellula Jewelry said...

Those lampwork flowers are adorable. I can see how they inspired such a lovely anklet!

A Polymer Penchant said...

In a shocking twist, purple! I kid, but I love what you are up to with all the purple and this is a another great addition

Dyanne Cantrell said...

I love the femininity of your design. AND its purple!!!

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

Shelley, what a pretty lavender floral anklet! I love it! The lampwork flower & pretty leaves are summery & lovely! Have a nice summer wearing your pretty new anklet! Love, Rita

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