Friday, May 12, 2017


You may have heard that I am about to FINALLY move OOAK Artisan Showcase into it's new business space. It's been a long time coming but it's going to happen.

Of course preparing for the move has been a lot of work. A. LOT! To sort, purge and pack up an art studio takes a bunch of time but add into the mix that the contents are going to several spaces and it gets complicated.- fast. 

I needed to take inventory of exactly what was in there to begin with. Let me tell you - there was MOUNTAINS of  'stuff''. Before I can pack it I need to see with my eyes how much I have of each category. We've been living around piles of supplies and a bigger pile of empty boxes and containers waiting to be refilled.

When I am all done I am going to be super-duper happy - AND organized,. That's what sustains me through this crazy time. I think of it like intense labor pains. You just try to concentrate on the precious newborn you will hold in your arms at the end of it all! In this case my new business space is my baby.

SO ... now there is one last step in preparing for the move and I could use your help with it. It's reducing the amount of things that need to be moved. In other words, I need to sell off some of my "S&%T", specifically my artwork inventory.

Here's the scoop:

Starting on May 26th at 7pm,  I will be conducting an ONLINE auction of my artwork inventory. It's going to go through Sunday, May 28 11:59pm EST. It will be held in my Facebook Group - "Fabric of My Life". You can see previews of some of the works that are in my inventory now through the start of the sale. (NO Bidding yet though!). If you aren't a member already, go to the group and ask to join.  CLICK HERE.

If you aren't able to join us for the sale, can I ask you to please share the event on Facebook and/or your other social media channels? I would appreciate it, and I KNOW Mel would too! LOL  (You can find the post pinned at the top of my business page HERE)

To attend the Auction GO HERE and request to join.
To SHARE please GO HERE and then SHARE pinned post at the top.

As always I thank you for your friendship and support,
~ Shelley

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