Friday, March 28, 2014

Got Lost Along the Creative Path

I have been on the creative path and must have taken a wrong turn. I meant to come hang out here on my blog earlier in the month but I was just having TOO MUCH FUN!

What have I been up to? Crafting, of course! I have been making new friends, joining in on swaps and playing with so many new techniques! 

I am going to attempt to bring you an update once a week. (Emphasis on the word ATTEMPT!)

Let me introduce you to my latest source of inspiration - Joanne Sharpe. Joanne is a mixed media artist and instructor from Rochester, NY. Her work is incredible. When I look at it I just get GIDDY. It's vibrancy calls to me, urging me to get in the studio and be creative.

Joanne recently wrote her first book, 
The Art of Whimsical Lettering. If the interest shown in her Facebook group is any indication, it's definitely going to be one of Interweave's top sellers.

Members of her Facebook group, of which I am a PROUD member, are scrambling to get their hands on the book. We all want our books, and we want them NOW as Joanne has plans to take group members by the hand and lead us through some of the book's exercises.

I was planning to order my copy online with an anticipated delivery date in April. I had checked with my local bookstore and unfortunately they didn't have it. But just moments before pushing the "submit order" button I decided to check one last time, and Glory! My local bookstore had it! I reserved my copy and within an hour I had it in my hot little hands! SCORE!

I came home and dove right in. Using the book as my reference I decided to tackle the first posted lesson on the Facebook group - to create my own inspirational journal using a regular composition notebook. I snagged mine at Walmart for $.94!

Got out my "toys" and went to work. Here is how it turned out- 

My process:

I began by applying a few coats of gesso to the cover and then glued on a few strips of my own Gelli prints to the bottom portion. I used textured cardstock on the top portion. I added some washi tape to give it even more "flavor".

Next I decided to use my homemade modeling paste* (thanks Leah Tees for the recipe) and stencilled some shapes to give it a little dimension. Once those were dried I applied an acrylic paint wash.

* recipe I used includes baby powder. I think I added a smidgen more than called for. It smells great AND as an added bonus - it puffs up when you heat it with a heat gun!

Taking my cue from Joanne's book (yeah, I read ahead! If you had a copy you would too, believe me!) I did my main words on tissue paper (used an old sewing pattern). Once I was happy with my lettering I modge-podged* it to the cover( yes, that's a word! Well it is at my house!)  

* Tip: to tear in an organic shape first "paint" the tissue paper in the desired shape with water, then tear. 

Next I used my Stampin' Up markers to paint a few elements (flowers, leaves and a cloud) based on another of Joanne's techniques learned from watching her in Strathmore Artist Paper's series, Artful Card-Making Techniques. I cut them out and modge-podged those onto the cover as well. Love how they pop!

Now it was time to add even more words. I just took my random thoughts and added them haphazardly. Using my Pitt and Zig markers I "pumped" them up. Took my white Signo and enhanced the outlines and added some flair.

Final step was to just add a bit more color back in using acrylic paint. A coat of Modge Podge to seal and it was d.o.n.e! - or was it? I keep playing with it and adding more! VERY addictive process! :)

I really didn't think I could do it, and in the end I am happy with the results. COLOR is so rewarding!

Looking forward to learning more from this amazing artist. 

Maybe you'd like to join in?! (Such an enabler, I am! LOL)

For more information about Joanne Sharpe's online classes CLICK HERE!

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Nancy said...

This turned out great! Thanks for sharing your process. It sure is fun stuff. I'm in the FB group, too. Have not put anything on my blog about it as yet, but will. Enjoy your weekend.

Skye said...

I freakin' LOVE that journal! Holy crap you do awesome work :D

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