Sunday, March 31, 2013

Quiet here...but NOT REALLY!!

I know it might seem like things are quiet around here but NO, not really!!
I have a new project for those who haven't heard.

Its a fundraising group of fellow jewelry designers, artists and women who just love BEADS!
Long story short I received donations of LOADS of purple beads to make earrings for the "Walk to End Alzheimer's". (see links at the bottom if you DO need filling in!)
I then asked friends and family to get on board to assist me in my efforts. TO DATE, we have 70 members, 136 donated jewelry items (valued at over $1800) and a new website, (and we aren't even a month old yet!)
All this has me on my toes, working 10+ a day on the project, but loving every minute of it!
So now YOU know...things have NOT been quiet around here!
Here's some more information :

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