Tuesday, November 6, 2012

PLAY DATE artist: Susan Kennedy of SueBeads!

Play Date artist (PDa) is a new feature here on my blog. I send out a package to my playmate which includes some of my handmade components (beads, charms and/or focals) along with a few coordinating beads and findings. My playmate and I will both create a piece of jewelry using those same select components plus some of our own stash.

This week's playdate is Susan Kennedy of SueBeads!

Susan Kennedy is a glass artist working in lampworking and enameling. She hails from Pittsburgh, PA. She works from her home studio,  which her "sweetie" created for her. It sounds like a happy space! Her work is awesome so I was excited to see what she would create using my beads.

As is the usual drill we both started with the same little package of beads and bits. Our mix included a few of my new beads, Ethnic Textured Beads.

Remember we didn't HAVE to use all of the pieces in the pack, just these focus beads, Ethnic Textured Beads. These are available in many colors, this time we are using the deep red colored ones.
Available at TORI SOPHIA Etsy Shop

I love the look and feel of these beads. I texture them with dental tools, which I LOVE.  The tools were provided by my oldest daughter, Melanie, who is a dental assistant. 

When it came down to creating a piece of jewelry using my beads I fell back on my old favorite - the bracelet!



 So you want to see what Sue created?  Of course you do! Let's go on over to HER BLOG and see.

Visit Sue's website by clicking HERE or SHOP in her Etsy Shop!

Thanks for coming by and be sure to tune in  for my next episode!

PS... Don't forget to VOTE!!


Sherri Stokey said...

Great beads, Shelley - and even more fun because you used dental tools on them LOL. I really like the bracelet, too - the addition of the wire really makes the beads stand out.

SueBeads said...

Beautiful bracelet Shelley - I love those coiled connectors and is that black bead a polymer beads as well? Thanks so much for picking me to play with your beads - it was fun!

A Half-Baked Notion said...

Oooh, so purty, Shelley, and such a classic colour combo!

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Sherri it always means so much hearing your praise..you are so sweet lady! I just bought that wire gizmo...hey when a store offers 40-50% off I HAVE to buy something! I like those twist-on-twist pieces, have to perfect them a bit but I think they are fun. AND yes, I LOVE my dental tools.

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Sorry just getting back to my comments. I like the coiled connectors too, so much fun to make and so easy! The black bead isn't a polymer bead.
Are you kidding me? I NEED to thank you! It WAS fun wasnt it? xxoo Sue

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Aw thanks for stopping in Monique. AND for your kind words.

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