Saturday, September 8, 2012

CBC Administrator Day!!

Today is the day...we are honoring the ladies behind my FAVORITE Facebook group - CREATIVE BEAD CHAT!

Why is this group my favorite? Well besides that its packed with so many talented artists, its a place we can share and showoff our lastest creations; get feedback, advice and suggestions; learn of great resources; and just chat!

BUT what I love most is that the ladies who run it are all funny girls! I LOVE a good sense of humor! I love when they go back and forth at each other and that they will include anyone, there are no cliques here. And no mean girls either. AND they even let guys in..hahaha (settle down men, just messing with you !)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have met great people because of you all and have formed some friendships that I really cherish. So, here's to the Administrative ladies of CBC - who all are fabulous artists!!

   Melinda Orr Designs  and her blog

         Marla James and her Blog


     Karen Totten and her Blog

           Marla Gibson and her Blog

    Keirsten Giles and her Blog


Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Great post, Shelley!

Marla said...

Thanks Shelley! <3

Shaiha said...

Great post! I love your graphics.

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